The Service Course Scrub Brush


Using the same dirt and grease shedding tampico bristles as the brushes in the BYOB kit, only shorter and stiffer to give you more scrubbing power.

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For scrubbing things clean, use the right tool.
Using the same grease shedding, water holding tampico fiber bristles as the BYOB Wash Kit brushes, The Service Course Scrub Brush looks very much like a traditional scrubbing brush. With shorter bristles than in the BYOB kit – there is extra stiffness for extra scrubbing power.

The bristles are set into a generous, tapered wooden handle with a side groove to improve your grip and a hanging cord to ensure you can safely dry the brush without worrying about mould.
You’re likely to find this brush useful for:

Shoes – our personal favourite
Bar tape
Sidewalls and Treads

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