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Protect your investment in expensive cycling kit with these premium Service Course Laundry Bags.
The Service Course have made getting your bike and person clean easy, now they have turned their attention to your kit!

Made from heavy duty, commercial grade nylon mesh and metal handled zipper these bags are designed to go the distance and protect your precious kit on the journey. Big enough to fit a few days of summer kit in. Or, most importantly, a whole days muddy cyclocross gear – they’re compact enough to fit in most small washing machines.
Why use laundry bags?
Laundry bags keep your kit together, stop socks and gloves from disappearing into the magical land of washing machine purgatory and stop your bibs and jerseys being pulled out of a shape and stretched.

Touring with a team, laundry bags stop the post washing lucky dip by keeping each rider’s gear together and protected. Each bag has a nice, big label for you to mark with all your details!


Size: 20cm x 50cm (12″x 20″)
Closure: Zipper
Construction: Commercial nylon mesh
Origin: Made in the U.S.A.


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