The Service Course B.Y.O.B Wash Kit


Three styles of natural tampico bristle brushes to quickly and easily get your bikes clean and ready to ride again.

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Bring your own bucket, we’ll send The Service Course Brushes
Cyclocross bikes get dirty, really dirty. When you get home from racing, you know you have to wash your bike, otherwise it’s going to be there waiting for you when you want to go ride it next. Good tools make messy jobs easier. The Service Course brushes are great tools.

Wooden handled and with bristles made from a natural fiber called tampico, these brushes will hold more water and retain much less grease and dirt than the plastic bristle brushes you buy from the hardware store. By shedding the dirt and grease rather dragging it all over your bike, these brushes make cleaning you pride and joy much easier.
Each B.Y.O.B kit contains:

Wheel and frame brush – long and soft bristles to act like a sponge, but strong and not going to tear when you run it over a chainring.
Drive train brush – short and spiky bristles to get in and do the hard work of lifting grease and grime off your chain and cassette.
Conical brush – shaped to get into the hard places of your bike where dirt loves to get to – think under the fork crown, or between the stays. Even between your spokes to clean your hubs – this brush speeds up and improves your bike cleaning.
Microfiber towel – small enough to not be unweildly, large enough to absorb a lot of water – use it to dry your bike so you can get inside where it’s warm
Mesh bag – heavy gauge mesh bag with a drawstring and cord lock to store your brushes and other cleaning items – lets air circulate so your brushes don’t get moldy!

They say

Tampico is a natural fiber made from the Agave Lechugilla plant, which grows in northern Mexico.

Natural tampico bristles hold about 65% more water than synthetic bristles, and shed dirt and grease more easily. That means they don’t hold and drag grease, dirt, and grit around your bike like synthetic bristles do. They also maintain their properties over time – tampico bristles don’t harden or otherwise deteriorate with use. They will wear out eventually, but it takes awhile. We’ve been using our initial test set for four years with no signs of slowing down. And they’re made from plants, which are sustainable, and not oil, which isn’t.

Synthetics are more widely available and less expensive, but they don’t work as well.”


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