Butter b2 Chain Keeper


Butter b2 Chain Keeper – for bikes with a rear through axle (e.g. 142 x 12mm)

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Butter b2 Chain Keeper – for bikes with a rear through axle (e.g. 142 x 12mm).

Beautifully designed, outstandingly executed to make your life easier.

Simply executed, elegant, easy to use.

Everyone knows that a clean bike is a fast bike, if you’re into ‘cross, you’re going to be cleaning your bike – a lot!

Once you remove your rear wheel, your chain drapes over the chainstay, making a mess, risking damage to your frame and generally being untidy.

Slide the Butter b2 into your dropout, pickup the chain on the way through and twist and you’re done – ready for cleaning or for packing into your bike bag to transport to your next adventure!

They say….

“You will never find a finer chain holder for thru-axle bicycles than the butter b2. That’s because this is the first and only chain holder for thru-axle bicycles.

Literally years in the making to perfect its simple design and working parts, this chain keeper is universally adaptable for 142 x 12mm rear ends – mountain, road or cross.

The adaptable design of the b2 makes it easy to use, foiling the bike industry’s lack of standardization. Slide it into the axle dropout, twist, and you’re locked and loaded. Dog Ear Technology© orients the tool’s position and locks the b2 into the dropout to automatically prevent rotation. Outstanding build quality ensures that it won’t wear out or break.”

Please note, the b2 works on all 142 x 12mm thru axles, however is not compatible with 10mm diameter axles or any other non-standard variants i.e. the Focus bikes RAT system hybrid axle. Butter are working to make a Focus RAT specific device available in the near future.


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