Lindarets’ Narwheel Thru Axle Wheel Holder

From $72 to $134

Lindarets CNC machined, thru axle wheel storage for workshops, adventure vans and retail spaces

Narwheel #1
Narwheel #2
Would you like a second wheel holder at a discounted rate?
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Step up your spare wheel storage and display

Designed originally for storing front wheels in the workshop and in the van – Lindarets have now released front and rear specific models featuring stepped stub axles and wingnuts to accommodate multiple sizes of front and rear hubs.


  • CNC machined from 6061 aluminium
  • 75mm (3″) square base plate (four hole) – mountable to wall, post or your van
  • Slight offset axle mount to allow some overlap


Front (F2)

  • 12 x 100mm (road std)
  • 15 x 100mm (mountain std)
  • 15 x 110mm (mountain boost)

Rear (R1)

  • 12 x 142mm (road/xc/cx std)
  • 12 x 148mm (boost std)
  • 15 x 150mm (fatbike front hubs)
  • 12 x 157mm (super boost)


Materials Required:

    •  Blue threadlocker (Loctite 242 or equivalent)
    •  19mm open-end wrench or torque wrench with 19mm crow’s foot
    •  Mounting hardware as appropriate
    •  Mounting anchors as appropriate (4x #10 or M5 screws/bolts)


  • Apply a drop of threadlocker to hex-end axle thread.
  • Hand-thread axle into base plate
  • Use 19mm wrench to torque axle to base plate with a force of 8-10Nm.
  • Mount to vertical surface using appropriate hardware and anchors
    •  Ceiling mounting is not recommended. Especially where the wheel or mount could fall and hurt someone.
    •  Take care to ensure that there is enough space to mount your largest anticipated wheel/tire combination to the mount.
  • Slide wheel hub over axle and appropriate shoulder
  • Thread nut onto axle and hand-tighten to approximately 6-8 Nm (as tight as—but not tighter than—you’d install a thru axle).
  • Re-check axle tightness every month or whenever play develops and re-tighten as needed.


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