Horst Cross Spikes ™ – Titanium, Medium (13.3mm), 4-Pack


This cyclocross spike is Horst’s top seller and a great all-purpose spike for moderate sand and mud.

This is the lightest and strongest solution to your every race needs.

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The lightest Horst Cross Spikes for everyday use.
For those times when you want some extra help on greasy hardpack, soft ground or medium mud and sand but don’t have to go wading calf deep before you find hard ground – think Fields of Joy or Heckle Hill at Darebin Parklands. Places where a moment’s inattention off the bike can see you sliding backwards, literally and metaphorically.

On most shoes, these spikes will protrude comfortably past the lugs, providing more grip than the short spikes.

Unlike long spikes, it’s highly unlikely these will ever get in your way.

If you only want one length of spike, this is the one for you – and if you’re only buying one length, you might as well go the lightest, strongest, bling-est option right?

They say…

“This cyclocross spike is Horst’s top seller and a great all-purpose spike for moderate sand and mud. 
This length is not only great for cyclocross, but also suitable for mountain biking, gravel, and mixed-surface adventures.
Unlike “spade” style cleats, spikes, and lugs, our cylindrical design and precision machined surface finish naturally sheds mud so that it doesn’t cake or clump.

Titanium is known for its high strength and toughness, durability and low density, and ability to withstand high and low temperatures. Titanium resists, doesn’t stain, and is much lighter than stainless steel.

Our aerospace grade stainless steel cross spikes are a fantastic option, and a great value. Our  Titanium cross spikes are the ultimate toe spikes for uncompromising performance in all conditions.”

Material: 6Al-4V Aerospace Grade Titanium
Rolled Threads: 10-32 UNF-2A
Product Weight: 14.42g (4 spikes)
Compatible with most popular off-road cycling shoe brands that accept spikes

Patent pending.


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