Butter Red Tape


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Butter Red Tape
Sometimes, when it comes to cyclocross, red tape is a drag.

All the hassle of land owners, public liability etc all get in the way of people having a dirty good time.
Not this Red Tape.
Butter Red Tape is designed to help your fancy tubular tyres adhere to your rims. So, reducing the chances of rolling them mid race.

Using Butter Red Tape alongside your favorite tubular cement builds up the rim bed. This smooths out the curves between the tyre and the rim, and significantly improves the spread and strength of the bond.

They say…

“Butter Red Tape is designed for use with tubular rims and cyclocross tires.  On this roll there is exactly enough Red Tape (3.657m) to do two wheels.  

*Red Tape is not self adhesive and must be used with tubular rim cement.  All the usual rules regarding layers and drying time apply. ”

Of course, gluing tubulars for cross isn’t for the faint of heart – we STRONGLY recommend you check out Butter’s excellent video 


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